Port Townsend, Capital of Bow Making

In Ole Kanestrom's Port Townsend studio, he is practicing the art of bow making — an art perfected by French bow makers 230 years ago that has changed little since.

Ole Kanestrom

A Kanestrom bow transcends the materials to become a living piece of art — with which a musician can achieve the highest musical expression.

The Process

A Kanestrom bow is sculpted in the tradition of the old masters while also reflecting modern sensibilities. The result is a bow defined by playability, beauty and character.

The Studio

Ole has cultivated a peaceful studio space from which he draws inspiration and insight into the mystical relationship that exists between the instrument, the player and the bow.

The Bows

To craft a masterful bow, Ole uses the best available materials and, coupled with his ability to feel and interpret the strength and resonance of the wood, invites the bow’s true nature to reveal itself.

The left hand makes the notes, but the right hand makes the music.

In fact, some players are convinced that a good bow has a soul. This magic-wand quality—balanced by refined technical prowess—is what distinguishes the handcrafted, one-of-a-kind Kanestrom bow. Kanestrom bows are crafted not only for playing pleasure and excellence, but they're made to last a lifetime—and longer.

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